streda 21. januára 2015

Why (not) to upgrade your Lumia 925 to Lumia 930

Recently, I have replaced my one-year-old Lumia 925 for the actual Microsoft Windows Phone flagship, Lumia 930.
You can find the complete specification and comparison of the respective smartphones here. After few weeks of using the new Lumia 930, here are some suggestions why to upgrade and why not to upgrade your smartphone.


  • Memory. More RAM means everything runs more fluently, more space means more storage for my data and apps.
  • Processor. The Lumia 930 is definitely faster thanks to the new quad-core snapdragon.
  • Wireless charging. Its a nice-to-have.
  • Sound system. The sound is definitely better with Lumia 930.
  • Camera. 20 MP should not be the only argument; the pictures are simply better.


  • Design. 930 looks like a brick from 90s, while 925 being neatly built with beautiful curves. Lumia 925 is much more beautiful (in my eyes).
  • Size of the display. I do personally prefer 4.5'' of the 925 to 5'' of the 930 as I can control the smaller one with just one hand with full comfort.
  • Weight. But its obvious.
  • Glance screen. Forget about the glance screen with Lumia 930. Here is why.
  • Operating system. This is specific for my region, but I still cannot get the Denim upgrade for Lumia 930, despite its the flagship of the manufacturer.

The new Lumia 930 would cost you ~ EUR 450 (USD 525). If these money matter to your budget and you do not urgently need more storage, I do honestly recommend not to upgrade your Lumia 925 to Lumia 930. In my opinion, it is not worthy that money. If you just need more storage I would recommend going for Lumia 735 instead, which supports SD-cards for additional storage. Yes, its full-plastic.. but costs only EUR 250 (USD 290) and brings you a faster CPU with SD-card support.

Comments, questions, another experience? Feel free to visit the discussion below.

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